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ACD272 Container Dolly

The ACD272 is part of a range of robust and highly reliable container and pallet dollies from TBD Owen Holland.

Designed for many years of arduous service on busy airport ramps. Compliant to IATA and European CE standards, the ACD272 will carry 125x96 & 88, 108x88, 1x20ft Pallet.


The ACD272 features a load bed consisting of 16 rows of 10 high performance air cargo inverted castors, lead on rollers along both sides and rear end. Heavy duty lift up stops are fitted in correct positions to retain the ULD types and sizes specified above. The in-filled load bed is also equipped with formed walkways of grip faced tread plate. Fork lift pockets are featured on the inside and rear of load bed.

The running gear consists of 6 twin wheeled rocking axle swivel castors which are fitted to the front of the unit. Wheels are 15” diameter x 4.5” wide. Rear wheels are on 6 fixed castor mountings with rocking axles. Super elastic 3 stage rubber tyres are fitted to all wheels. The 24 wheels are attached to 5 stud wheel hubs. The steering is controlled by 6 front swivel castors.

The ACD272 also features pram type parking brakes, operating on 4 rear wheels. Brakes are activated by latching tow-bar to the vertical position.

The tow-bar is a heavy duty ‘A’ frame. The steel towing eye has a diamter of 76mm and a ring section of 32mm. The tow-bar incorporates a mechanism to avoid contacting the ground and holds it at the correct coupling height.


  • 14,000kg Capacity.
  • Heavy duty lift-up stops.
  • Inverted air cargo castors.
  • In-filled load-bed with formed walkways of grip-faced tread plate.
  • Pram type parking brakes.
  • Heavy duty ‘A’ frame tow-bar with 76mm towing eye.
  • 1 x 20ft ISO Gen Cargo container, 1 x 238.5” x 96”, 2 x 125” x 96” or 108” x 88” pallets or containers


  • Additional stops and guides.
  • Alternative coupling and tow-eye types.
  • Special corporate markings and liveries.
  • Additional visibility markings.
  • Heavy duty version.
  • Side and top corner buffers.


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