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Ground Handling Equipment - Passenger Stairs - Powered Passenger Stairs


The CMPS2555 is a truck mounted variable height passenger stair capable of serving aircraft from B737 up to A380.

The hydraulically powered stair can be mounted on any vehicle with a GVW of 7.5T. Four hydraulically powered stabilizers ensure complete stability in operation. All step treads and platforms are surfaced with grip faced aluminium tread plate to assist passengers in all weather.


The CMPS2555 is a truck mounted telescopic adjustable height passenger stair suited to both narrow and wide bodied aircraft ranging from the B737 to A340 / A380 and B777 / B787. The passenger stairs are constructed with a fixed lower stairway and a telescopic upper stair and platform, mounted on a welded steel chassis-frame. The step treads and top-platform walking area are surfaced with grip faced aluminium tread plate to assist passengers in all weather.

The bottom step is hinged for additional ground clearance. Four hydrailic stabilisers provide excellent stability in operation. Sliding side-rails with hand operated spring bolts at both sides of the top platform facilitate opening the aircraft doors with the steps interfaced to the door.

A spring loaded rubber buffered pivoting section is fitted at the leading edge of the top-platform to interface with fuselage contours. The standard unit has tubular/sheet steel side-panels with handrails fitted to both sides of the stair flight. Full solid-sheet steel panels with D-Rubber buffers to the leading edge are fitted to each of the sliding rails at each side of the platform.

As standard the chassis is painted black and all other sections are painted in a single corporate colour. Lighting, worklamps, airfield beacon and aircraft approach sensors are all available as standard fit options.


  • Can be fitted on any suitable 7.5T GVW commercial chassis.
  • For use on both narrow and wide bodied aircraft such as B737 / B777 / B787 and A320 / A340 / A380.
  • Jacks fitted to each corner for increased stability when fully loaded.
  • Interlocked with vehicle transmission for safety.
  • Canopy option available.
  • Fully compiant to BS and IATA Standards.


  • Wide top platform.
  • Alternative tubular steel handrails and mesh sheet side panels.
  • Special corporate I.D markings
  • Anti collision sensor.
  • Choice of chassis
  • Canopy.


Height Range 2,500 - 5,500mm
Stair Riser Height 196mm
Stair Tread Depth 250mm
Stair Tread Width 1,348mm
Top Platform Width 1,986mm
Top Platform Length 1,500mm
Overall Weight 3,660 kg



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