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Line Maintenance Equipment - Tooling

Wheel Change Trailer

The TBD Wheel change trailer comes equipped with a galvanised chassis and base panels to resist corrosion and have resistance to scuffing and abrasion from wheels/tools.

The inside is split into two main areas-rear for 2x aircraft wheels, front for storage of smaller tools used during wheel/brake changes and nitrogen service.


The TBD Wheel Change Trailer comes equipped with a hot dip galvanised chassis and base panels to resist corrosion and scuffing and abrasion from wheels / tools.

The inside of the container is split into two main areas-rear for 2x aircraft wheels (accommodating largest wide body aircraft wheels) and the front for support equipment (TBD Wheel Change Dolly, jack and brake cradle / jib).

The front section incorporates a storage box for smaller tools used during wheel / brake changes. (NB if Hose Reel cover option is included this box is relocated inside the trailer). The floor is designed so that all items are stored in designated positions and are prevented from moving during transit.

The container is accessed from two separate doors that fold down to act as ramps. The rear door gives access to the wheel storage section of the container and the side door to the tool storage area. Both doors are spring balanced to minimise operator effort in raising / lowering.

The drawbar braking system is deactivated when attached to a vehicle, and automatically activated when raised or left lowered preventing runaway. When raised the draw bar can be locked up to prevent unauthorised use. Both doors are also lockable.

The unit height is set to enable safe travel through terminal tunnels.


  • As an option, the trailer unit can be equipped with an onboard nitrogen charging system with bottle cradles fitted to the front of the trailer box.
  • Easy load system for changing Nitrogen bottles.
  • Hi Lo nitrogen changing for storage for two size gas bottles on the front of the trailer and as a modular, exchangeable, control panel providing tyre inflation and high pressure charging through two independent regulated circuit hose reels for safe, convenient stowage of high and low pressure hoses.


Wheel Change Trailer illustration

Please note that every effort is made to ensure that all dimensions are correct, however we do reserve the rights to make changes at our own discretion.

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